♥RAQUEL♥ (beautysdeath) wrote in the_80s_r_back,

It's about time...

Hey everyone ;] I'm Raquel and the other maintainer for this community. I'm 18 and I'm from Texas. I'd like to welcome everyone else who has joined so far, and I'm sure we still have many more who will join..so PROMOTE THE COMMUNITY!

Some of the movies from the 80s I love are: The Breakfast Club, Better Off Dead, Say Anything, Ferris Buellers, The Last American Virgin...and oh my so many many more.

I LOVE 80s music. I have so many 80s compilations. Everything from Berlin, A-ha, Culture Club, Deneice Williams, Eurthymics, etc etc ;]

Well..this was just my little 1st post thing, I'll make sure to post more later


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