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fires a beautiful sound.

Hello all. My name is Jada, I'm 15 and Im from a small city in Texas called McAllen. My name may sound... i dont know how to put this, black?(im not racist) But I'm not... just in case anyone was wondering.

  Some of the bands i have taken an interested in are The Violent femmes, New order, depeche mode, the cure, duran duran, the smiths/morrissey, pat benatar, blondie, bowie, and my love Billy Idol. Im pretty sure that was a run on sentance.  Some of my favorite movies that im sure most of the people in this community have seen are Ferris Beullers day off, The breakfast club, Pretty in Pink, Fast times at ridgemont high, The rocky horror picture show, Ghost, Footloose, Sixteen candles, Weird science, Real Genius and what not.  I have some pictures to post, but im in a bit of a rush, ive got a date, so yeah. well i hope i get to stay in this community cause its rad to the max . <3

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