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Wham! Paraphernalia

So today, it took me all of about fifteen minutes while running to realize that I was slowly but surely becoming obsessed with Wham! so...[I hope this is allowed] I come bearing gifts:

[14] Wham! ICONS (please find under the cut)
and an amazing Medley of their Greatest Hits...<333:
Ultimate Wham! Megamedley Mix

1) wham 2 2) wham 1 3) wham 3 4) wham 4

5) wham 5 6) wham 6 7) wham 8 8) wham 9

9) wham 10 10) wham 11 11) wham 7 12) wham 12

13) wham 13 14) wham 14

I know the last one's really bad...but honestly, that came from a youtube video, and the facial expression was too hilarious to pass up.

ALL CREDIT for textures goes to candycrack@LJ. Thanks!!</b>

please credit if you take any; I don't care about comments but they're fun too ;)
Hope you like them!
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