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Welcome to my new community.

Everyone knows that the 80's are back,I want to make this community as exciting as possible.

as soon as you join,tell us about yourself
name,age,and location etc..

name a couple of the bands you listen to,and name a couple of movies introduce yourself and expands everyone's mind,not everyone has seen movies you have so share.

The rules here are simple.

Please don't be rude for the love of god this causes a lot of problems.

Don't promote communities in here unless you're gonna promote this one and I will be checking.

Don't post really long entries or more than one picture without a cut,I know how annoying it is to have someone take up your whole friends page up so don't do it.

Please do not type "lyk thiz" it's so annoying to me and other people as well.

If you want to do some icons your allowed to post them here.

If you want to make new friends you could ask people to add you at the end of your introdution post.

post pictures,icons,articles,headers,and layouts.

you could trade mix cd's and any other things you wish to send to others or trade this is done at own risk.

When you join please promote this community,if in your info an a entry whatever.

enjoy your community.